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    About Us



    In 2006, The Beauty Island Sanctuary Spa embarked on a truly remarkable journey, driven by the unwavering passion and dedication of Ela Kaczmarek, our CEO and Director. Nestled in the picturesque South of England, our spa became a haven for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.


    Over the span of a decade, our sanctuary not only thrived but also earned a prestigious array of awards, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional spa experiences. It was during this incredible journey that the idea to create our own line of branded products was born.


    Ela Kaczmarek, with her boundless love for offering the most exquisite spa experiences, embarked on a mission to extend the magic of our sanctuary beyond its physical walls. She, along with her dedicated team, meticulously crafted a range of oils that transcend mere scents – they are a source of vitality and energy, transforming each day into a spa-like retreat.


    Our products bear witness to the deep connection we've forged with our cherished clients. After years of working closely with our patrons, understanding their needs, aspirations, and what touches their hearts, we meticulously created these products. They are a collection of vegan treasures, encapsulating not only the alluring essence of our spa but also the promise of rejuvenation.


    With these unique creations, we invite you to take a piece of The Beauty Island Sanctuary Spa with you, allowing the soothing embrace of our spa to grace your own space. We are confident that our carefully crafted oils will be cherished by all, just as we cherish every single client.


    Now, we're taking this magical experience to the next level with the launch of our online shop. We believe that The Beauty Island's online store will be a radiant continuation of our journey, offering not just products but an extension of the unparalleled spa experience our clients have come to adore.


    Our story is one of deep passion and a profound commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings in Ela Kaczmarek's home to becoming an award-winning spa, and now, as we proudly introduce our very first branded oils, The Beauty Island Sanctuary Spa has blossomed into a sanctuary that harmoniously combines serenity and vitality, all in the heart of the stunning South of England. We eagerly anticipate sharing this incredible journey with you, as we continue to create, innovate, and strive for spa perfection with each product and every cherished client we serve.


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